Pre Loader
Before your project begins IMI provides services and delivery methods that ensure the success of your project.

A variety of factors contribute to the success of any construction project including well-engineered design and project planning, accurate cost estimating and management, and timely completion to name a few.

IMI offers support services and delivery methods to meet the specific needs of your project. Prior to construction we review your project and lend our expertise in project management, offering solutions to complex construction issues, and multi-trade project coordination.

Whatever the project, there are a variety of approaches available for design and construction.


  • Complete digital imaging with 2D and 3D design capability
  • High performance welding with dozens of pre authorized welding procedures
  • Highly skilled in high risk subterranean work environments
  • Individual project Logistic and material handling solutions
  • Pre-construction services including constructability reviews
  • Customized job cost control
  • Project specific safety plan developed and closely monitored on every project


  • Plan-Spec-Bid
  • Time & Materials
  • Design/Build
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)
  • JOC (Job Order Contracting)