Safety Policies

Safety Record

Independent Mechanical Industries (IMIís) greatest concern is the safety of our workforce. Our mission is to accomplish our work in the safest possible manner. IMI performs approximately 450,000 man-hours annually in some of the most challenging industrial settings possible. Accordingly, ensuring that we create and maintain a strong safety culture in our workforce is the highest of corporate goals.

IMIís safety policies and written program are directed by a full-time Certified Safety Professional (CSP) corporate Safety Director and supported by a full-time Safety Supervisor. In addition to administering IMIís safety program, these individuals are also responsible for generating project or task specific safety programs.

IMI employees receive the best safety training and equipment. This ensures that they are fully equipped to identify, plan for, and overcome the challenges presented by the hazards encountered in the work we perform. Our current EMR of 0.72 reflects the success we have experienced with our efforts.